The course of Marek Toporowicz articles for modellers about camouflage of polish military aircrafts

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Camouflage & marking of polish military aircrafts during the post-war period gives not much interests of creators of the model documents. The reason is simple. Both in the way of having some more dyes and dissmissing of some stains made by camouflage we can not see any possibilities what makes that practically all aircraft must be treatet personally, preparing specification only for this one. Such a lack of specification can be filled in by colourful photographs, but we must remember that the coulor on the print depends on the kind of used film, the way of illumination the object, the way of developping of the film. What a different summary can be taken out looking at these photographs.. Please, compare the material about An-2 nr 9868 in Aeroplan 2/99, Model Hobby 4/2000 and Hi-Decal Line 72-46.

The course of my articles was done on behalf of my members of the personal of Polish Air Forces.

I recommend to everyone a few rules who wants these models remind the orginal:

  1. One must avoid colourchips signed by the symbol ~.
  2. 2.The most often used (also by me) Humbrol paints show the changable of dye during few years of production. There is only one method to use the old Humbrol`s cathalogue (once very popular and cheap) and the latest paints must be the same just like patterns inside.
  3. 3.The exactitude in preparing paints must be taken to green colours. The human eye for such a length of the wave seems to be very sensitized and the simple observer can differentiate hundreds of dyes, (in Federal Standard there are only 77 and personally I use about 300 dyes of green).
  4. 4.All situations connected with comparison of colours must be done with the natural and full illumination, (at the balcony, for example) it means in a very good illuminated situations which are similar to these ones where I used to prepare the analise of some colours at the airport.

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